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City by the, The Voice of Michigan City, Indiana _ City Talk _ Gresham for City Council Ward 2

Posted by: Southsider2k12 Jan 8 2019, 02:51 PM

Here is the press release:

"It was in 1965 that Michigan City gained national recognition as one of the best places in the country to live and work when it was honored as an “All-America City.” Over the last 50-plus years, our neighbors in The Region have not only chased us down, but have passed us in terms of being a final destination for families.

Today, more than ever, Michigan City needs an advocate - a person who will not only cheer and encourage what is good, but is also willing to identify what is wrong and then roll up their sleeves to try to fix it.

I have been a public advocate for my hometown all of my life. I have stayed true to my roots as someone who was born and raised here, an Elston graduate, and personally invested in my hometown in an effort to make it the best place it can be.

With all of that in mind, I am announcing my intention to run for Councilman of the 2nd Ward of Michigan City in an effort to continue the effort to restore Michigan City.

The 2nd Ward is going to face some major challenges in the very near future. The largest employer in the ward is closing its location and moving outside of the city limits. The ward should be a part of the conversations for the future of the Saint Anthony site.

We also have generational changes about to happen to our City, and I want to represent our people to help create a path that recognizes what is best not only for businesses, but also for our forgotten residents.

Michael Gresham is the founder and owner of; a past broadcaster of Michigan City High School sports; a former board member of the Michigan City YMCA; has served as both Secretary and Vice President of the Michigan City Planning Commission; served as a member of the Michigan City Urban Enterprise Board; served as President of the Michigan City Scholarship Foundation; was the webmaster for Michigan City Athletics; and currently runs the scoreboard for Michigan City High School football games. He is married to Angela, a teacher at Michigan City High School, with two daughters Madison, who attends Barker, and Alexis, who attends Knapp. "

Posted by: Southsider2k12 Mar 6 2019, 01:21 PM

Latest campaign announcement

I don't want your money.

I have made the decision to NOT take outside campaign contributions from ANYONE in this election cycle. Yes, you read that right. Someone who is running for office, does not want your money.

As a candidate for the office of 2nd Ward Councilman, a large part of the duty will consist of the fiduciary duty to make sure that all of your taxpayer dollars are spent as smartly as possible. In a race where just over 800 votes were made in the last election, what kind of sense does it make to spend thousands of other peoples dollars so I can maybe get my face onto a billboard, to win a few more votes in a race like this? I am going to spend my own money on a few things like signs and post cards, and that is it. In the 21st century being able to utilize all of the free media of social media and talking to people in the neighborhood makes a lot more sense than an intense media campaign. I see not wasting other people's money as starting during the campaign, and am acting accordingly today, and not just as a vague promise for future activity.

One more reason I don't want to take outside money is also very straight forward. A News Dispatch article in September reported that 53% of the population of Michigan City is "income challenged. When people give donations to politicians the implicit idea there is that the politician is then going to act on policies that the donors want to see happen. By swearing off donations, I am swearing off the outside influence that comes by taking other people's money. I am also looking out for the 53% of our residents who don't have the extra money to be able to give to politicians and become the recipient of the influence that money can buy. You will not have to wonder who is financing and influencing my campaign, because the answer is me. This will allow me to listen to EVERYONE who wants to talk about the future of the 2nd ward and Michigan City, and not just those with dollars to spare.

My goal to is represent everyone equally, and the best way to do that, is to not seek thousands of dollars and the influence that is implicit with those dollars. All I am going to ask of people is to share my campaign with your 2nd ward friends and neighbors. No admission required. And as always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I want to hear from you!

Posted by: Southsider2k12 Mar 17 2019, 04:16 PM

For anyone who is in the 2nd ward, I have signs. If you want one, get ahold of me!

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