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Yes! The Hoosier state has trembled in the wake of earth waves generated by powerful earthquakes in the past, and will, no doubt, tremble again in quakes that are yet to come.

While poor Regan is shaking on her bed....NOT from an earthquake....I do appreciate you posting this. I just got my topic for when it's my turn next at our weekly safety meetings.
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In the predawn hours of April 18, 2008, I suddenly woke up from one of those nightmares where I was experiencing a strange sensation of my bed violently shaking....and that I was beginning to fall off. Dismissing it as just another bad dream...I went to asleep again. Woke up later in the morning to watch the news with this breaking story:

Quake shakes Michiana: Locals report feeling southern Illinois tremors

WNDU TV asked viewers to submit their personal stories by email, and Maureen McFadden read mine on the evening news show, in which I described my experience as something out of a movie scene from 'The Exorcist'

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