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Full Version: Is the News Dispatch a dying newspaper?
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Will the News Dispatch survive 2017? It appears that readership has fallen precipitously and subscription problems are contributing to the decline. I've been a newspaper subscriber for 40+ years, enjoying both evening and morning deliveries and kept the News Dispatch so that I could keep in touch with what is happening locally. State and world news now is available on the internet, so the local news is the primary reason to keep the paper going.

Unfortunately, the past year has proved to be tough on subscription service in my neighborhood. First, delivery moved from my porch to the driveway which was OK as it was only a few steps outside and I could still get the newspaper and read while drinking my morning tea. Delivery then moved to sometimes the end of the driveway, but most times in the street. This creates problems as the paper can either blow away or wash away when it snows or rains or be run over by a driver. It means that the number of times I didn't get a paper grew.

Sunday deliveries have become problematic this winter as it seems that I either get multiple copies of a single ad or only partial ads delivered as noted by no Sunday TV guide or comics and the sales papers contained in them. Yesterday when I brought the paper into the house, the paper delivered was the Herald-Palladium (?). My newspaper subscription is due for renewal, but things have just become more trouble than they are worth. It seems like the delivery personnel are trying to eliminate some delivery routes. Well they have succeeded in my case as they won't have to bother with my delivery anymore or the tips that I included with my subscription.

I am now looking for new ways to get local news..... dry.gif
Jesse B
I have been thinking about dropping the newspaper for the better part of a year. Local news is the only reason to keep and that is spotty at best. Too many liberal editorials too. If I wanted the Pittsburgh Gazette I can read that on line. Sports reporting has been going downhill for years too. I think the newspaper will survive 2017 but it is on life support. For $1 i'd be better off buying an instant lottery ticket.

I am an online subscriber considering dropping my subscription. I have not lived in MC for more than 25 years and am a subscriber to keep up with current events since I have family and friends in MC. The local reporting becomes less and less each year due to fewer reporters and due to personnel gaps. Sometimes weeks can go by without mention of city council meetings, which ought to be always covered. I actually learn more about MC from the South Bend Tribune and the Hammond Times. Actually learn quite a bit from your Facebook site, too.
Yesterday morning was college national letter of intent signing day for senior high school football players.

Very upset that News-Dispatch did not assign any reporters or photographers to Michigan City High School to cover the 5 Wolves players that signed to play at the next level and have their pictures taken with their families that were on hand to have their picture in the paper but had the pictures of the players and families of the two La Porte Slicer players that signed.
That was very disappointing to see. I know the ND got invited to the ceremony, and even past that, they were sent a picture from the event. But then to run LaPorte's instead? That is a pretty big boo boo.
Recently posted an update:

What always gets me, is the MORE they charge for the newspaper....the LESS content and pages you get !

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