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Full Version: Meer facing felony charges
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When Michigan City voters went to the polls to choose their mayor Tuesday, they had to consider an unusual factor — criminal charges that had been filed against incumbent Mayor Ron Meer less than a week earlier.

LaPorte County Prosecutor John Lake says the criminal charges, stemming from a dispute between Meer and the city police chief over the arrest of the mayor’s stepson, had “nothing to do” with politics.

But after Meer lost the four-way mayoral race by just 76 votes, the criminal case will now unavoidably focus on political and ethical questions about the prosecutor’s decision to pursue the charges on the eve of the election.

In fact, Meer has already filed a request for a special prosecutor to be appointed, arguing in part that Lake charged the mayor “as part of a personal political agenda by Mr. Lake” and vowing to seek “evidence of such impropriety.”

Meer and his attorney have said Lake supported one of the mayor’s opponents, and have pointed out the fact Meer supported Lake’s opponent in the 2018 Democratic primary for prosecutor. They also question whether the charges were intentionally made public days before the election, instead of being sealed at least until a judge found probable cause for the accusations.

It starts with a conversation Meer claims he had with a confidential informant that state investigators have found no evidence to support.

After Adam Bray was arrested in early October, Meer told former police Chief Mark Wistek that a confidential informant came to his house in the dead of night and told him prosecutor John Lake and officers on the La Porte County Drug Taskforce had set-up his stepson's arrest.

According to newly obtained court documents, Chief Swistek reported the information to Indiana State Police and the FBI.

Those investigators met with the informant and laid out the accusations the mayor made.

"The CI denied all three of the allegations," investigators wrote.

The informant even handed over his phone, but investigators found no evidence of contact with Meer. Less than a week later, Lieutenant Tim Richardson received several emails from Meer, the last one saying:

"Good afternoon chief, immediately reassign all of the individuals that I discussed in our phone conversation."

MICHIGAN CITY — Days after his stepson’s arrest, Mayor Ron Meer phoned the city’s top cop, telling the chief he opened his front door in the middle of the night to find a confidential informant sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk in front of his home.

The informant showed up alone on that Oct. 14 evening, the mayor told the chief, and claimed to be a whistleblower.

The mayor told the chief that the informant told Meer his stepson, Adam Bray, who had been arrested just days earlier on drug and gun possession charges, had been set up by authorities and that the sting was “politically motivated,” apparently meant to harm Meer’s mayoral career and November bid for reelection.

Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer was upset by Republican Duane Parry just days after the Democratic incumbent was indicted by a Republican county prosecutor on multiple felony charges after the drug arrest by the LaPorte County Drug Alliance of his stepson and the ensuing turmoil in the police department. Parry won by just 76 votes in a race many believed was Meer’s to lose until the arrests and indictment.

There are some real warning flags with Meer’s loss. In such a high profile situation, a prudent course for LaPorte County Prosecutor John Lake would have been for the sheriff to call in the Indiana State Police to investigate. If the mayor was deserving of felony charges, those should have come from a special prosecutor. Now Meer’s attorney, former Gary Mayor Scott King, is calling the indictments a “hatchet job” and believes he can win a motion to dismiss.

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. (WNDU) – Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer has bonded out of the La Porte County Jail after a judge issued an arrest warrant.

According to The Michigan City News-Dispatch, Meer turned himself in Wednesday evening and immediately bonded out after being processed at the jail.

The warrant for Ron Meer's arrest was issued Wednesday, according to online court documents.

Meer was charged with six felony counts of intimidation and official misconduct and two misdemeanors for false informing "resulting in substantial hindrance to law enforcement" on Oct. 30.

Shortly after Meer's stepson was arrested on drug charges in October, he claimed the case was politically motivated.

The police chief and two assistant chiefs then resigned their posts, claiming Meer ordered them to pull city officers out of the La Porte County Drug Task Force.

Meer went on to lose in the general election by a thin margin.
I miss mayor Sheila Brillson:

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